July 2, 2022 Well the long awaited breeding between Farrah and Alex has taken place and our beautiful puppies were born July 2, 2022. This means that the puppies will be going to their new homes around September 3, 2022. Check back for updates as things progress…..and get your puppy applications in. The link can be found on the Puppy page.

July 30, 2022 The puppies have been growing so fast. We have 5 males and 5 females. 4 prospective show males and 4 prospective show females. Let’s get those puppies in the show ring !! Eyes are open and they are now on solid puppy food. And they are starting to have short bouts of puppy play in between the eat, sleep, poop, repeat …. routine. When they turn 5 weeks old the puppies will get to go out to the puppy play yard…which is a lot of fun to watch as they explore their new big world.

August 10, 2022 Eat, Sleep, Poop, Play, repeat……….see home page for updated pictures. Here is a link to the puppies first trip out to the puppy play yard….